• RIFT is an injection technique with opposite direction to interstitial fluids
  • It is performed in areas of depletion and emptying of volumes
  • The sequence of injections goes from the periphery towards the center
  • Following, a light massage with the fingertip in order to support and stimulate the physiological flow of interstitial fluids, from the periphery towards the center

Immediate volumizing effect in case of Severe Wrinkles and Sagging Skin

RIFT helps to distribute the product on the center-face area and to stimulate the neo-regeneration of Extra Cellular Matrix. The combined action of Sunekos 1200 + Sunekos 200 injected with Cushion Technique helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Clinical trial comparing 2 groups with Sagging Skin:
Group 1 treated with Sunekos 1200 as a “cushion” followed by Sunekos 200 standard treatment versus Group 2 treated only with Sunekos 200.

Protocol of use

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