In case of Severe Wrinkles

Sagging Skin and Severe Wrinkles are mainly caused by loss of volume.

To get the best results from Sunekos® we have to combine the action of a Medium/High density Hyaluronic Acid with a Low density HA such as Sunekos® 200.

The solution is to use Sunekos® 1200 in combination with Sunekos® 200 creating a “scaffold” through the “cushion” technique.

Severe Wrinkles and Volumizing of a Carved/Empty Face of Elder People

  • Cannula 25G and 40-50 mm
  • Deep Dermis injection
  • Fan Technique
  • Needle 27-30G and 12-13 mm
  • Medium-deep Dermis injection
  • Injection sequence towards the flow
  • 0.1 ml per point at about 1.5 cm distance
  • 45° needle inclination
  • Retrograde Linear Injection (nasolabial folds)
  • Massage towards the flow

Standard Protocol of use

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