Priya Gaind

Gaind Priya

Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Priya Gaind is a dentist with many years of experience in both General practice and hospital, working for both the NHS and privately. Her research and audits have implanted National Clinical changes and her most recent publications include a textbook on the Post-operative Complications of Trauma as well as reporting for medico-legal cases. 

Early on in her career, she was exposed to Facial Aesthetics. Whilst working in hospitals, she found it upsetting to see so many patients with a poor quality of life, just from grinding their teeth. Over time it became more apparent to her that as healthcare professionals we can make a huge impact on a person’s quality of life and not just that but also the ability to make people feel good. By solving this problem she not only enjoys creating beautiful smiles but is also well experienced in muscle relaxing treatments and dermal fillers.